Corporate Services


When time is of the essence, and you need another set of human resource hands, “Press One for HR.” Whether you have the expertise, and need some HR support, or you are looking for another HR professional to work through an issue with you, we'll tackle Human Resource projects with you. In addition to traditional HR project work like compensation structure, job descriptions, HR policy and procedure, we offer some genuine consulting roles: […]


For recruiting services customized for your needs, “Press One for HR.” From flat-fee, permanent, exclusive recruiting services to interviewing your internal candidates, include our experienced corporate recruiters with a focus on providing you with the candidates with qualifications you request. […]

Executive Speed Dial

It’s lonely at the top, and it’s frustrating in the middle. If you’re in either spot, place us on “Executive Speed Dial” to reach an experienced entrepreneur on the line.  From brainstorming and developing solutions to communication messaging, our executives roll up their sleeves for you. […]