3 Tips to Maximize Results Using Job Boards during Your Employment Search

When it comes to job searches, one size does not fit all. Sure, if you are a developer with five years solid experience, job offers are coming your way. However, if you have been self-employed, out of the market, or working for the same company for over 10 years, you may have a more difficult time getting in front of decision makers.

In fact, for those of you seeking multiple types of jobs, your job search can get pretty complex. While there is not one magic bullet to get your phone to ring, below are a few job searching tricks to help you find a job.

Job Search Tip One. Renew your resume on job boards every three to five days. Placing your resume on multiple job boards is not only tedious, but it also puts a target on your resume for every scam, advertisement, and 100% commission low-level sales job known to business. Unfortunately, not all recruiters post jobs. Some just source resumes. It’s not necessary to post your resume on each job board, but you will want to post to multiple job boards. And, there are a ton of boards from which to choose. Before posting your resume, review each job board to make sure there are many opportunities regularly posted that you are both interested in and qualified for. Once you post your resume, you are not done. Did you know that many recruiters only look at resumes posted in the last few days? Calendar reminders to renew your resume on each job board every three to five days. And, if you are not getting the type postings sent to you that are of interest to you, review your settings and your resume.

Job Search Tip Two. Place different resumes on different job boards. Can you believe how many job boards are available on the internet? Monster used to be the only option. No more. So, use these boards to your advantage. Many of you are looking for different types of opportunities. For instance, you might be looking for an Executive Assistant job and a Project Coordinator position. Review the job boards to determine which board has the best opportunities for each position. Post your EA resume to a few boards, and your Project Coordinator resume to others. On the other hand, if the titles you seek are similar, use multiple boards to experiment which resume gets the best responses.

Job Search Tip Three. Edit your LinkedIn profile. Recruiters not only search for candidates on LinkedIn, but they also look at your profile before giving you a shout. Make sure your profile is consistent with all of your resumes. It’s not necessary to take a chronological approach to LinkedIn. And, be careful not to emphasize the wrong skills or experience. Sometimes you may have to be more generic with your LinkedIn Profile if the opportunities you seek are diverse. Of course, too generic is also a killer. It may make sense to tout accomplishments and job stability, and focus on industries. Review other LI profiles to discover a method that makes sense for your search.

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Happy Hunting!

LK Greer, HR Dallas, LLC dba Press One for HR