Testimonials for HR Dallas, LLC dba Press One for HR

Recruiting. “HR Dallas [PressOneForHR] is an excellent resource for recruiting.  The team is not only knowledgeable and professional, they provide superior customer service.  Their candidate selection process made it easy for our firm to find the right professional for a role that was difficult to fill. Their commitment to excellence is wonderful to experience.” Aaliyah, Director of Program Management, Consulting.

HR & Recruiting. “PressOneForHR is a committed firm, deep with knowledge of human resources and recruiting. Their team is results-oriented and is always available to assist in a friendly, professional manner. As a business owner, their service is crucial in allowing me to focus on running my company.” Tom, V-P in Dallas

Exec Speed Dial & HR. “We discovered HR Dallas after interviewing numerous consultants to help us in our need to improve our recruiting process and the quality of recruits during a time of business expansion to service a new major contract.  The results far exceed expectations.  In addition, we benefited from HR Dallas’ expertise and experience to revamp our HR program to better serve our organization.  One particular benefit was that HR Dallas developed a new employee evaluation processes that provided enhanced feedback that improved communications, client services and productivity. With the Exec Speed Dial program, we developed a long term relationship that helped bring clarity to our service delivery, assisted in identifying new programs and ways to improve margin.” VP, Relocation Services Company.

Job Seeker. “When my employer shut its doors, I hadn’t been in the job market for over 20 years. HR Dallas [PressOneForHR] worked with me to create a fresh-looking, professional resume, helped me choose the jobs to apply for, honed my elevator speech, and taught me how to leave a voicemail that would get a return call. After six to eight weeks, I had several job opportunities.” Murray P. of Dallas.

Recruiting & HR. “I've worked with HR Dallas [PressOneForHR] for over 7 years. During that time, I've engaged them in several different capacities, ranging from recruiting to providing full outsourced HR support for a company going through significant changes. Their work consistently demonstrated deep knowledge, outstanding execution, and a high level of sensitivity in some difficult HR situations.  HR Dallas is my first call when I need HR support.” Donna, COO Software Companies

Job Seeker. “I have been associated with HR Dallas [PressOneForHR] approximately 10 years. They introduced me to some of the top positions in the DFW area. Their ethics and professionalism are second to none and their ability to match my skillset to potential employers far exceeds any recruiting organization that I have been associated with in my 30+ years business career.” Randy, CFO

Job Seeker & Recruiting. “My former company used HR Dallas [PressOneForHR] for all their recruitment needs and were extremely pleased with the caliber of candidates presented.  When the company sold and relocated, I found myself on the other end of the recruitment spectrum.  I immediately reached out to HR Dallas, and they helped me find a position that was a perfect fit.  LK and her team are very responsive, helpful, and professional, making a stressful situation more tolerable.  I recommend HR Dallas to anyone I know who is looking for a position or seeking great candidates.” Rebecca, Executive Coordinator

Exec Speed Dial & Recruiting. “HRDallas [PressOneForHR] has earned their seat at our leadership table.  As an extension of our leadership team they provide seasoned guidance at every level. They are our only source for recruiting and development and retention.” George, Services Business Owner

Recruiting & HR. “We have known HR Dallas for over 15 years, and whenever an HR question is posed, we immediately reach out to them for the answer. Their experience in and knowledge of the industry is the best we have seen. The no nonsense approach to recruitment provides maximum results and allows the customer to focus on their business while HR Dallas focuses on what they do best, finding your next hire.” Angie, CFO