43 Answers to One Typical Interview Question

Job boards, eBooks, and books in print are filled with sample interview questions and answers. And every once in a blue moon when the mood strikes, I read sample interview questions and make up silly, snarky or sassy answers. What, you mean you never do this? Well, it must be another one of those nerdy things I do.

Today, however, I am going to give you 43 adjectives that should help you answer the age old question, describe yourself. I’m not sure why this question continues to stump interviewees. Maybe we are shy when it comes to talking about ourselves. Well, we know some people are happy to talk about themselves. But for the rest of us mere mortals, here are some adjectives to consider.

Operational: organized, efficient, productive, persevering, problem-solver, resourceful, responsive, adaptable, dedicated, and flexible.

Active: pro-active, driven, assertive, competitive, innovative, and embraces change

Creative: imaginative, inventive, and innovative

Coworker qualities: good-natured, well-mannered, honest, ethical, professional, gracious, and cooperative

Attitude: upbeat, sincere, easygoing, engaging, enthusiastic, and charismatic

Style: direct, candid, straightforward, no-nonsense, calm, poised, unflappable, judicious, deliberate, rational, sensible

Obviously, not all these words describe you. And, not all the words are appropriate for the particular job opening. For instance if you are interviewing to be a trial lawyer, competitive, strategic, and unflappable are probably good choices. However, if you are interviewing to be an administrative assistant, organized, resourceful and flexible might be a few thoughtful responses.

Just like in so many things in life, the more you practice interviewing, the better you become. Have friends and family members ask you questions. Careful that you just don’t memorize answers. Be prepared for follow-up questions. If you are going to claim you are organized, you should be prepared to list a few examples to demonstrate your organizational trait.

That’s all the fun with words for now.

Good luck with your interviews.