HR Consulting & Projects

When time is of the essence, and you need another set of human resource hands, “Press One for HR.” Whether you have the expertise, and need some HR support, or you are looking for another HR professional to work through an issue with you, we'll tackle Human Resource projects with you. In addition to traditional HR project work like compensation structure, job descriptions, HR policy and procedure, we offer some genuine consulting roles:

  • Human Resources Concierge. When HR matters arise, and you're looking for answers, give us a call. Small to medium-sized businesses often need HR On-Call Services or HR Concierge Professionals. Whether you're not sure how to develop a procedure, the best way to roll out a new policy, or how to answer an employee's question, we're ready to help.
  • Human Resource Team Development. When your organization is growing their HR team, “Press One for HR” can help set goals, review projects, set priorities, and answer questions. The human resource field continues to expand and change. The expertise required of a one or two person HR team can be overwhelming. If you seek an HR mentor, “Press One for HR.”
  • Recruiting Challenges–Wanting the world on a limited budget. When a manager asks for job candidates with a long list of skills for a not so robust salary, stop! Don't spend hours looking for a candidate you know is going to be impossible to find. “Press One for HR” for the outside consultant's view on where the candidate skillset is most likely going to come from, and what sacrifices the employer may need to make in skillset for the budgetary constraints. We'll help you identify alternatives for the manager so you can reset expectations and succeed in your search.
  • Employee Evaluations–The heavy lifting. What manager likes the employee evaluation process? How many times do you see an evaluation with minimal explanation and examples to be effective? Would you like to “Press One for HR” to get an HR professional to interview the manager and fill in those blanks? When you need help crafting evaluations that provide genuine feedback to employees, let's talk.