Recruiting Services Customized for You.

“Press One for HR” to discover recruiting services designed with you in mind. We know finding a candidate match requires a lot of hard work and analysis. Check out a few of our corporate recruiting programs:

  • Flat Fee. Forget the 25-35% fees. For exclusive recruiting assignments, you'll receive a tailored recruiting program for permanent hires that won't break the bank.
  • Campus Recruiting. College recruiting taking up too many resources? “Press One for HR” will interview candidates on-campus and provide feedback to save you time.
  • Interview your Candidates. Do you have plenty of internal or external applicants, but no time to develop the list of best potential candidates? Or, have you narrowed the field of qualified candidates, and want another panel member for interviews? Maybe you've made some bad hiring decisions in the past, and would like another set of eyes and ears to assess your candidate pool? “Press One for HR” when you need some assistance evaluating candidates.
  • Training. You've probably developed and delivered interview training for your supervisors and managers. The next step is helping your managers understand why they want to recommend a candidate for hire or want to pass on a candidate. We'll join interviews, guide the interview if necessary, and then discuss what your interviewer saw and learned in the meeting. We'll work with your employees to become better interviewers and evaluators of talent.

“Press One for HR” when you want to explore recruiting services with real results.