Stop Writing Your Resume!

Are you looking for a new job, career or to transition careers? Have you been talking to family and friends, cruising the internet, worked on your resume, and explored working with career or life coaches?

The path can be lengthy, but you can succeed in building a new, successful career. Most of the people I visit with start their journey with developing a resume (or reworking a resume). Many of us know that keeping a resume up-to-date with new jobs, skills and accomplishments is very practical. So, I completely understand that thought process and action. And, taking an inventory of your talent set is a great step. But, don’t think that this is the resume you will use to find your next gig. At this point, don’t pay for a resume writer. It’s too early!

Seriously, no matter how many times I pop open a job board, there are job opportunities that are new to me (and I’ve been recruiting since the ‘90s). My advice to someone who is looking for a change—start by investigating what jobs are available and the requirements for the job

You think you know most jobs available? Let’s test that theory. Below is a list of jobs that I found posted in the last week. Some of the job titles I just found interesting, and others I think may be “new” to the average job seeker. Glance at the list and see how many are “new” to you.

Jobs for People with up to 5 Years’ Experience:

Family Awareness Coordinator for a museum

Cultural Programs Coordinator for a city

Living Learning Coordinator for a college

Crime Scene Clean-up Technician for a private firm

Disease Intervention Specialist for a county

Field Service Liaison (cabinetry)

Collateral Vault Specialist

Lock Box Administrator

Cutting Pressman

Signal Support System Specialist

Aircraft Assembler

Cost Estimator

Telemetry Monitor (Healthcare)

Liner Mill Maintenance Improvement Engineer

Water Room Technician

Feeder Associate

Wine Educator

Brand Educator

Industrial Tailor


Back-up Scan Coordinator

IT Related Jobs

Mule Soft Developer

Scrum Master

Hadoop Developer (I just like saying this one)

Agile Coach

Data Evangelist

Loads & Dynamics Consulting Analyst

Voice of Customer Consultant

Penetration Tester (HR surely didn’t develop this title)

VROPS Engineer

On-Base Support Technician

College Degree Required

Manager-Shirt (The title caught my eye)

Workday Technical Consultant

Dairy Analytical Chemist

Senior Health Economist

Workplace Strategist

V-P Transfer Pricing

Information Governance & Compliance Director

V-P Economic Risk and Residual Manager

Advisory Forensics Manager

What’s my point? Clearly, each one of us is not going to be interested in the majority of these job titles. However, open your mind and your search. If you are an accountant, the job titles available to you may not necessarily have the word accountant, auditor, tax, financial, bookkeeper, controller, or comptroller in the title. Explore the possibilities! You can always come back to what you know.

What’s my next career move? Start with a little basic research. Don’t pre-determine your destiny. Visit job boards and surf titles. When you find titles and ads that interest you, explore what the qualifications for the jobs are in order to determine if you want to pursue the career, or at least how you would have to position yourself for the job. Why? Because we all have some inkling of an idea what an accountant or football player does. But there’s so much more available! Once you narrow your path, then it’s time to develop multiple resumes.

Happy Hunting. And, when you are ready to visit about a resume or a career change, feel free to drop me a line.

LK Greer, HR Dallas, LLC dba Press One for HR