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Independent Contractor or Employee? 2019 Guidance by the NLRB.

Spoiler Alert. SuperShuttle drivers are independent contractors according to The National Labor Relations Board’s (NLRB) opinion issued on January 25, 2019. Effectively this opinion overturned the FedEx Home Delivery v. NLRB opinion from 2009. For geeks like me, you can find the NLRB opinion here . And for additional light reading the FedEx opinion is found at 563 F.3d 492. Independent Contractor v. Employee Test….

Train Employees–A Seven Million Dollar Reminder

wwwHow about a seven million dollar reminder to not only establish solid processes and procedures, but also provide training and remind employees of the importance of following processes? The Details. In Apache Corporation v. Great American Insurance Company, Apache ultimately lost a suit against its insurance company when seeking payment under a computer fraud provision. The legal details aren’t necessary for our purposes, but if…

Stop Writing Your Resume!

Are you looking for a new job, career or to transition careers? Have you been talking to family and friends, cruising the internet, worked on your resume, and explored working with career or life coaches? The path can be lengthy, but you can succeed in building a new, successful career. Most of the people I visit with start their journey with developing a resume (or…